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To Brooklyn Bridge : Lyrics

To Brooklyn Bridge

I envision you, as I lay awake at night

all the neon lights, another shade of blue

A set of photographs , that I hold on to

a syncopated tune, as I long for you.

While you’ re so far now

I’m sighing softly, through empty hours

I’ ll hold you in my dreams

Music is a place, it has the sound of you

as I mesmerize , as I dawn on you

breaking through the night, at a pace so slow

another shade of blue I can linger to..

One last sigh, before the lights go out

my embrace for you, Love is New York

These silent hours, now dusk on me

a spilt out night sky

my whole heart love for you

One last song, before the lights go out

my embrace for you , Love was New York

Music & lyrics by  Ona Vargas

Recorded between April - May 2024 at Oiga Music & ION Studios 

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